Chelsea Single bub LED table lamp

  • Model: TB-3B
  • Manufactured by: Manhattan Dollhouse


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Very popular dollhouse ceiling lamp that can also be used as a table lamp with a bright warm white color bulb, no blue or green hues.

Just under 1 1/4" high and 3/4" wide at the base.

New designed tapered base.  Equipped with one battery and we add an extra battery for your convenience.

The include magnet is used to attach the light to the ceiling.

The magnet should be used to attach the light fixture to the wall. We suggest gluing the magnet to the wall, for better adhesion.  The sticky pad can be used for the initial placement, just like an trial run, then to be replaced by the magnet.  Batteries will last 30-50 hours depending on the model and bulbs will last approximately 5,000 hours.

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