Grommet Insertion Tool

  • Model: Bam Bam
  • Manufactured by: CR2S


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This five inch spring action tool makes the insertion of eyelets (grommets) a SNAP! The tool is used for both the tapewire and in making hardwire connections. One end is a center punch and the other is for the insertion of large grommets. It works so well that a pilot hole is not even needed but is still recommended. MDF is no match for this simple tool. Simply drill a 1/16th inch pilot hole through the flat tape wire, place an eyelet on the end of the tool; then pull back the spring and SNAP! It is the perfect answer to wiring on MDF hardboard and in getting a solid connection in tapewire; especially at overlapped joints.
It has been nick-named "Bam Bam" because that's the sound it makes!

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