Dollhouses and Kits, Room Boxes

Our kit prices are the same in store as on line. We don't list models that are not part of our regular stock line, so you are rarely disappointed by items being out of stock. Of course, we can always special order the house of your dreams too. With our 20 plus years of experience, we can help you choose the best house kit for your needs so you get it right, the first time. We take the time to make sure you buy the best house for you, at the best possible price. Our built models allow you to see the interior layout and sizes, and you can even play around with furniture placement so you know if what you have in mind will fit.

Many of our kits can be enlarged with additions ranging from conservatory to two story structures, and sometimes, porch variations. We'll help you find the house of your dreams and help you every step of the way while you build your dream house. If you find the thought of building it yourself too daunting, we can do it for you.

It will be our little secret that your first house is rarely your last! ;-)





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