*As is* Items

These "second" quality pieces will contain a variety of flaws which may include sanding marks, jagged or uneven edges, wonky or warped tops, bottoms, sides or legs, uneven or cracked paint or stain, ill-fitting drawers or doors, etc. Upholstered pieces will have stains, marks, crooked or missing trim, unmatched fabric, glue showing, etc.

These pieces offer good value for the money and are sold AS IS or repainted, refurbished or distressed. They are great for classes, club projects, contests or other store offerings.
Quantities are limited, but check back often as we will continue to update and add to this list as additional pieces become available.
Please note that "seconds" will generally not be shipped in individual boxes

These items are periodically available at specially reduced prices to reflect occasional wear and tear.  Prices subject to stock availabilty, while supplies last. No returns or refunds on these items.


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