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After 27 years of operating Out of the Ordinary Miniatures, it is time to start taking it easier and enjoying more that life has to offer at a more relaxed pace. While I have enjoyed meeting and collaborating with customers face to face in the store, the reality is that more and more of my time is needed to take care of the increasing demands of the online 24/7 internet store I also manage. While many lament the closing of yet another miniature shop, I see it as a step forward to help so many more people without a nearby brick and mortar store . You will still benefit from my years of experience sourcing the very best miniatures from around the world, building and decorating houses, and creating the perfect fantasy world. We ship worldwide, so the miniature connection has grown, not shrunk. My online sales have increased to the point that I can't stretch more than 24 hours into my days and choices had to be made. With the decision to close the brick and mortar shop, I can now more carefully monitor stock levels, finish some of the boxes full of projects I have been tinkering with for new ideas, and provide even better service than in the past. Thank you all for your tremendous support over the past 27 years, I look forward to continuing to nurture your love of this amazing hobby for years to come! Carol

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